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A worldwide trending topic on Twitter today is about the books that are important to you. Blogpost time! In no particular order:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) Pride And Prejudice Prozac Nation (Movie Tie-In)

JK Rowling – Harry Potter series
The Harry Potter series, which I started reading at age 18 when I lived in the US, allowed me to relive some of my childhood. I feel young and utterly cheerful when I read this series. It's such a wonderful world of magic that anyone, young and old, can enjoy. These books just bring me joy. A lot of it. And makes me feel like anything's possible 😉 I reread it regularly because they are just fantastic.
After a very long period of not feeling any affinity with books, this series got me excited about reading itself again. Reading pages on end in one sitting. It had been years since I've felt like doing that. 

Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice
This book turned me from a cynic into a romantic. Rereading it regularly helps to keep that feeling alive. But it also taught me never to give into society's demands. (I used to hate it when I ran into a former friend, haven't seen each other in years, only to have their very first question be: "So, are you seeing anyone?" – it was really more important than "Are you studying?" "What do you do now?")

Elizabeth Wurtzel – Prozac Nation
Having struggled with depression (as well as cyclothymia) multiple times from age 15 to 23, I read a lot of 'depression lit' to gain an understanding of what was happening to me. Prozac Nation hit me very hard. I still cry when I think about my reading experience. The author dealt with a lot more on top of depression, but I felt so, so understood and it actually helped me overcome some of the emotions I'd been dealing with. I felt supported somehow, a little less alone in the world. This book definitely changed my life.

Girlfriend in a Coma. The Hours: A Novel Harlot's Sauce: A Memoir of Food, Family, Love, Loss, and Greece

Douglas Coupland – Girlfriend in a Coma
This book's apocalyptic plot hasn't so much changed my world, but it has made me feel more responsible for the world as an individual, making me feel more conscious about my place in the world as one of many – and that one person perhaps can't change the world, but can contribute, however little that is in the grand scale of things. I try not to over-consume, to support organic food and to consider the environment and nature when I make certain choices.

Michael Cunningham – The Hours
Like the Harry Potter series, this book greatly affected reading in itself for me (which is now a big part of my world). When I read The Hours, I started to really develop myself as a reader. (And this process was only strengthened when I began this book reviewing project.)

Patricia Volonakis Davis – Harlot's Sauce
The most recent read of all, this book about a woman who has managed to get herself out of a hairy situation (a marriage which wasn't healthy) with willpower, strength of character and optimism. Patricia is a wonderful woman, and an inspiration. To just keep trying, to let go, to allow yourself to start over fresh and to do something with ideas.

Might add a few more to these later… but now I'm going to take my book (Steve Toltz, A Fraction of the Whole) outside and enjoy the sun on this beautiful day 🙂

Edit: forgot to ask you the question: which books have changed YOUR world? 🙂

Karin Elizabeth
  • Anette

    I agree on "Harry Potter" and "Pride and prejudice", I haven't read the others on your list, though, but I have to find time doing it I think. I read "Harry Potter when I was about 6-7 years old, and even though I'd read a lot before them, these books really opened my eyes for the genre of fantasy and literature in general.

    June 16, 2010 at 3:34 pm
  • Karin Elizabeth

    Ahh yes, Harry Potter is a great series in the fantasy genre. I was already into it by reading Buffy books (big fan of the show, so I've read loads of the books too) and other books about vampires / supernatural things. For me HP also meant learning, as an adolescent and later an adult, to appreciate children's books. They can be great for adults 🙂
    Any other books that have changed your world? 🙂

    June 16, 2010 at 5:21 pm
  • Anette

    Well, yes, it is some other books. I must admit that both "Animal Farm" and "1984", both by George Orwell, changed my look on the world. I guess I can say "Schindlers list" did so too.
    The books "On writing" and "The dark tower series" by Stephen King changed my way of writing.
    Other books are probably "Narnia" which gave me a new kind of everyday magic and inspiration and "Dracula." Dracula is an amazing book, which really opened my eyes for "old" writing methods, like the letterform Bram Stoker uses in his books.

    June 16, 2010 at 8:17 pm
  • Luiz Henrik

    Everytime I say Harry Potter changed my world people stare at me like I'm a moron. I guess it's not the same in Europe but here it is marked as 'children only'.

    But it did change my life. I was eight years old when I read the first one, and I had never read a book before. I fell in love with reading and never stoped ever since!

    Also, I grew up with this series, waiting anxiously for the next release! My favorite memories are of going very early to the local bookstore (before it was even open) to get he latest release and read all day!

    I reached a point by book 6 that I just couldn't wait eight months for the translation, so I bought the english copy when I only knew what they teached us at school – the to be verb, animal names and numbers.

    It was terrible reading it! It felt like I feel when now I try to read a very hard classic! But I studied, and studied just to understand it and now I'm fluent in the language (with some mistakes here and there.)

    Every time I'm struggling through a classical, (flashbacks of Virginia Woolf comes to mind) I grab my copy of Harry Potter and I remind myself how hard that seemed so many years ago!

    I'm very thankful to JK Rowling for making me fall in love with reading, for helping me with my english and for the books themselves – they are my all time favorite!

    Aaah, and Pride & Prejudice – I agree with every word your wrote! It's a favorite that I re-read every year! 🙂

    I also would like to point out Stephen King. His books are such a wonderful rollercoaster ride.

    Aaaah, and I ALWAYS wanted to read The Hours! Both because I'm a fan of Virginia Woolf and because I LOVED the movie. Unfortunately, I never was able to get it! Even the best import bookstores don't have it =/ Oh, maybe some day!

    Oh, I wanted to know if you are planning on doing some new Sookie Stackhouse review? I loved those and I miss them very much 🙂

    June 16, 2010 at 9:14 pm
  • Cait

    Harry Potter definitely, and Pride and Prejudice. I also haven't read the others.

    For me, I would also add A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L'Engle, and The Truth About Stories by Thomas King.

    June 17, 2010 at 12:54 am
  • read, write, repeat

    I love your blog! I just found it through blog lovin', and it's great! I especially agree with Harry Potter – I started reading it when I was 7 years old, a year after it was first published, and I've grown up with Harry! 🙂

    June 17, 2010 at 4:06 pm
  • Jeroen

    I love it how you make your reviews more powerfull by making them more personal!

    The piece about Pride and Prejudice made laugh out loud! You a cynic? Where you ever?! 😉
    I admire Austen in this book especcialy for her wit but if she is able to turn a cynic into a romantic she indeed deserves all the credit we can give her!!!! 😀

    July 1, 2010 at 3:15 pm

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