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Absence makes your heart grow fonder? Right?

As I'm working on a new review post, I figured I should also explain my recent lack-of-posting here at The project is still my baby. But my photography isn't just about this project. There's more that I aspire to do, more that I'm working on.

Two weeks ago, I got myself a new camera (Canon EOS 7D) and it was the kick in the butt that I needed to continue on with my regular photography, which I've been neglecting over the past year or so. Sure, I was still taking photos, but the passion was lacking, seriously. Having the new camera has brought back the excitement I used to feel. Since my last update here at, I've been continuing to build up my portfolio, and I will keep focusing on doing that.

I just need to find a way to balance my passion for book reviewing with my reborn love for photography and expression, to keep both going strong. This means I will try to update again with more regularity, but it also means that sometimes, I have other priorities – and that I hope you'll stick around..! I'm doing this project because I love it, of course, but your support plays a huge role in what keeps me and Reading & Reviewing going.

My photography – mostly (self-)portraiture and travel – can be viewed at (under construction; another reason I wasn't around here much), deviantART and of course on flickr.

For those of you who use Facebook, you can also keep track of my photography via my facebook page.

Thank you for reading this. Back to getting that review ready 🙂

Karin Elizabeth
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