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And in time,

"This is just an interlude."

When I wrote that, I couldn't look into the future. I couldn't possibly know that soon after writing and publishing that post, my life would take a turn which would change my perspective and my priorities. But that's what happened. As my new self searched for meaning, everything that used to bring me joy became frivolous; I wasn't about to expend my energy on the little things anymore. It's not just Reading & Reviewing that I unceremoniously dropped from my to do list. You should've seen the state of my household. It definitely wasn't pretty.

It took me a long time (with a lot of healing yoga and a lot of introspection as I was determined to get to know who I am now) to realize that it's exactly the little things that give meaning and joy. Sunlight on my face, instruments coming together and just clicking to create one amazing song, how good it feels to cross something off a list, the warm glow I feel inside of me after a sip of bourbon, finding humor in everything, a small photo that just sold, a cabin in Norway… Getting lost in a good book.

It all translates to being present and alive, here and now.

I'm humbled by these small experiences and more like them, and opening up to little joys has allowed me to better understand my changed self, the self I now embrace fully.

This is Act 2. 

Karin Elizabeth
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