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Can I do this too?
You mean imitating my project and blog instead of taking the time to develop your own?

Yeah, I guess? I want to do the same thing, so can I?
Ugh, no. If you want to be respected as a book blogger and creative person, imitating (copying) someone else's idea and set-up is not going to get it done. This project was established in 2008; copying it now would be… kinda lame actually. Imitation is not always flattery; sometimes, it's just rude. Keep that in mind. Empathize for a moment: you wouldn't like it if someone ran with your idea and hitching a ride on your hard work, either.
Remember, this website and all of its content is protected by copyright law, and I will take action when my rights are violated. Giving credit is not enough.

Damn, you're kind of a bitch about it.
First of all, you have to understand that I'm a photographer – it's my livelihood and income. I started a business in 2012, and Reading & Reviewing falls under that umbrella. So basically while I enjoy everything about it, I see Reading & Reviewing not as a hobby, but as part of my portfolio, my business and my identity as a photographer. I finally found it, something that IS Karin Elizabeth – and I've put a lot of time, effort and a lot of myself into developing this project. Reading & Reviewing IS Karin Elizabeth. It is not you. 
Secondly, this has actually happened to me already. Back when the project was just a few years old, before it got any press, someone who used to comment on this site went and set up a blog exactly like mine, with reviews + themed self-portraits with a uniform backdrop. I was livid and afraid of losing something that I was excited about, especially because at the time, I didn't have many visitors yet (hers grew exponentially). I'd spent so much time and energy on it already, the project was to be associated with me, its creator - not some other blogger. It wasn't right, decent or fair.
I took action and she shut down her blog, so it ended well, and years later this blog is properly established, mostly due to a little bit of press the project's gotten over the years, so I feel more comfortable… but also wary.

We're with [insert magazine / blog] and would like to feature your blog.
I'm happy to provide the printed and online press with material. Please contact me at karinelips{a) 🙂

Can I use your photos for a blog post?
Depends. Be sure to email me – karinelips{a} – to ask permission, and state what you would like to use the photos for. But if you want to use my photos to accompany your own review: that's a no, straight off the bat. These photos are personal and I don't want to be associated with someone else's opinion.

What kind of camera do you use?
Older photos were taken with the Canon EOS 350d. Since 2011, I've used the Canon EOS 7D.
I use the 50mm f/1.4 for the R&R portraits in particular. I take the photos indoors in my special "R&R studio" up in the attic of my home and for a long time only used natural light. In 2014 I opted to use an additional reflecting surface just to fill in some shadows on my face. Oh, and I also have a remote to make self-portraiture easier.

What's that font in your (former) header?
Jane Austen is the font I'd always use for my headers in my older layouts. You can probably find it at 🙂