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January 2011
Picador recently published the paperback edition of Emma Donoghue's Room; a quote from my review of the book and the accompanying photo can be found on Picador's blog, which encourages readers to discuss the book.

November 2010
A lovely feature at in honor of (part 1 of) the seventh Harry Potter movie's release.

October 2009
My first print magazine feature had everything to do with books, and Korea: ELLEgirl Korea interviewed me and published several photos as part of their article on books and reading. Thank you ELLEgirl for the interview, and thank you Jess for sending me a copy!

The article and some of the images can also be found on ELLE Korea's website.

October 2009
Karin and the Lion is the lovely Hila's blog post about the project. Her blog Le Projet D'Amour is simply wonderful. There's so much prettiness to be found.
"And you might also be interested in this sweet little project I've stumbled upon on flickr. I love the idea of somebody recording their experiences with books through both reviews and images. It's sort of like a million little stories in one project. Thank you for letting me feature you Karin."
Thank YOU for featuring it, Hila.

August 2009
My favorite magazine in the whole wide world – to which I should really get a new subscription – blogged about Reading & Reviewing. That just about made my year. Frankie magazine, an Australian / NZ magazine geared towards indie twenty-somethings, selected photos 037 and 046 to go with their lovely blurb:
"Karin Elizabeth reads loads of books but instead of just blogging about them, she reviews and takes a styled self portrait which reflects what books she's reading. Addictive and interesting, Karin started her blog Reading & Reviewing because she felt she needed to think a little more about each book she'd read. Reviews range from Harper's Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird to Huruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle to JK Rowling's Harry Potter series. The self portraits are the best."
Read it yourself at Frankie's blog, and stick around – they post lovely bits about other websites, fashion, art… ♥

June 27, 28 2009
A DAY after we had moved into our new home, I participated in 24HourMagazine; a magazine created from scratch to finish in 24 hours. I did the – duh – book review. In 24 hours, I read Olive Kitteridge (Pulitzer Prize winner of the year), and reviewed it, including the review pic. I took some photos and videos during, which I posted on flickr.

March 2009
Interviewed by, Tash Jayasinghe's lovely blog.

February 2009
Second review (038) for The American Book Center blog!

October 2008
My favorite bookstore in The Netherlands is actually an American bookstore: The American Book Center, based in Amsterdam and The Hague (you must visit them if you ever get the chance, especially the one in Amsterdam. Their shelves are to die for). On a few occasions I've taken part in their You Review program, reviewing advanced copies and having that review (and in my case, the self-portraits taken to accompany them) published on the ABC Blog. R&R 029 was my first.

September 2008
A modest bit I wrote about my Reading & Reviewing project was Project of the Week at, a community based photography magazine. The photo for review 008 was featured in the newsletter along with a link to the story.

March 2008
R&R 008's photo made it to's front page, which Greg graced by adding a lovely poem 🙂
UTATA is a wonderful online photography community to be found on flickr and

January 2008
Author Paulo Coelho was kind enough to drop me a line after I'd published my review of The Witch of Portobello (R&R 003) at flickr:
"Dear Karin,
thank you for sharing your views about this book. Interesting idea to make self portraits reading books.
I've got alerted by your post through google alerts and just wanted to say hello – and also that you can see that I'm here in flickr also.
May your dreams guide your steps. Love

Love it that he's so involved with his readers online. Thank you, Paulo, for your kind words.