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Well hello there! Remember me? I'm Kaat Zoetekouw (a.k.a. Karin Elizabeth), a photographer and bookworm from The Netherlands. I've been married to Wil since 2013, which was the best day evarrr as it became the day I literally became "Mrs Sweet Tooth". I live in a beautiful river region here in Holland, but despite our beautiful surroundings we still travel a lot to see more of the world. I fill my remaining non-working hours with fitness, good food and wine, being outdoors, Netflix (what?), gardening, concerts… and being around family and friends.


So, this is a recent photo from 2015 (age 32), just to show you what I look like when I'm not doing book reviews. I'd like to think I get better with age!


Although it doesn't look like it – given how I've neglected my book blog for a few years – I do really love to read. I try to document what I read a little bit on my instagram feed.


There are a few places where I love to read. Obviously, I read in bed. But other than that: in summer I read outside, on our lounge set. In winter I tend to sit in this chair right here. It's close to the big window and the fireplace. Super comfy!


A recent shot of my book cases. Still have the pickle wall…! Last year I decided to sort my books my genre, and although I'll miss my rainbow, it's much better this way.