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R&R 006 | Sex and the City

Candace Bushnell
Sex and the City
228 pages
Book bought in: London (but read in NY)
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Through this collection of original columns, published in the New York Observer, Candace Bushnell describes this generation’s state of mind regarding friendship, relationships and sex – in New York City.

(Naturally, I decided to read this in The City itself.)

Via hilariously transcribed discussions with a group of men on threesomes, or chitchat with beautiful models on what it’s like to date in NYC, the reader gets a great observational study on one of America’s greater taboos: being open and honest about sex – and enjoying every minute of it.

After six seasons of viewing HBO’s Sex and the City and the anticipation of the movie due out in May 2008, it’s hard not to compare the book to the series. While Carrie and Big are featured in Bushnell’s observations with a definite storyline of their own, and yeah, the other girls are there (Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha), these characters we know and love are not what most of the book is about.

Which is actually what I like about this collection. It’s an addition to the series (or vice versa), not ‘more of the same’.

It’s about anyone (…in New York anyway)! The stories are a bit anonymous, with a gossip feel to it. This is a juicy guilty pleasure of a book full of tales about all kinds of colourful people and their sexcapades – or their relationship drama.

But best of all has to be that this book is never romanticized. I expect a book about ‘the big taboo’ to actually really be open and honest about sex. And you know what? It was. And I’ve enjoyed every minute I spent reading all about it.

Book finished on february 3rd 2008.

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